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Sound Bowl Therapy

Sound Bowl Therapy helps you relax and re-balance your body and mind. Sounds enter your body to help release deeply buried tensions and improve your emotional balance at a cellular level.

Tapping the edge of a sound bowl or moving around the edge, emits sound vibrations that help reduce stress, improve sleep and even alleviate pain.

Sound bowl therapy can help people reconnect with their bodies as a place that can allow them to feel good. It can be especially effective with children or adults who, through difficult experiences, have learned that being present in their bodies does not feel pleasant or safe.

During a session, I will invite you to lay down on a mat while I work the sound bowl. There will be no direct physical contact. However, I may place a sound bowl on you. Comfortable clothing is encouraged.

Sound Bowl Therapy is suitable for anyone and everyone and can help with the following: tension, joint pain, blood & lymphatic circulation, dizziness, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia and for targeted physical disease such as ear-nose-throat issues, deep muscle pain, menstrual pains and headaches.

Would you like to know if Sound Bowl Therapy could help you? Just get in touch.

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Would you like to book a Sound Bowl Therapy session? Just get in touch.

100% Recommended by Clients

100% of clients would recommend my therapy services to friends, family and colleagues.*

*Based on a client satisfaction survey among 30 clients in 2022.

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