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Little white terracotta garden figurine in hug gesture with long shadow of couple kissing

Systemic Constellations Therapy

Systemic Constellations Therapy helps reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship so you can address – and heal – any stressors impacting these relationships.

It helps you zoom out and see your concerns from a different perspective.

Systemic Constellations Therapy brings perspective, balance and growth by helping you get out of your overthinking mind and get in touch with your heart, all parts of yourself and all your relationships. Systemic Constellations therapy is a body-based therapy. The therapy session evolves based on the sensations you notice in your body as a reaction to what emerges in the constellation.


During the therapy, we’ll work with figurines that represent significant people and aspects in your life.


Systemic Constellations Therapy can help you:

  • Reveal hidden dynamics in relationships

  • Notice and resolve patterns

  • Uncover unconscious limiting beliefs and discover ways to move beyond them

  • Release grief, pain and resentment

This therapy helps to bring to light emotions, feelings, and personal experiences that may have been difficult to express or recognise within a specific system, such as family, teams or business. By uncovering both known and hidden dynamics, we can identify and address obstacles that may be impacting your life. This therapy emphasises physical and emotional sensations, allowing you to let go of mental interpretations and beliefs.

Each element within a system is interconnected, meaning that any experience can have an impact on the entire system. When there is disorder or failure present, a reaction appears, revealing the problem. Through constellations, we can quickly gain insight and work towards finding our rightful place in the relationships within our various systems, whether it be family, professional, romantic, or parental

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100% Recommended by Clients

100% of clients would recommend my therapy services to friends, family and colleagues.*

*Based on a client satisfaction survey among 30 clients in 2022.

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