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I’m Heidi Kempeneer.
I live in Geneva, Switzerland with my husband and two children.

As a therapist, I offer my clients body-based healing modalities such as Systemic Constellations Therapy and Yoga Therapy. I also collaborate with organisations to support their health & wellbeing needs and objectives.

My mission is to empower people to make choices that are right for their bodies, hearts and minds.

A snapshot of my personal journey

My journey towards body-based healing began with my personal struggles with trauma, burnout, pregnancy and childbirth.

Having grown up in diverse cultures around the world, I developed a unique perspective on life. However, adverse childhood experiences and the loss of a sibling in adolescence left me with deep trauma, but also with incredible resilience, adaptation and coping skills. These skills allowed me to excel as a creative business leader in a competitive multinational environment. Eventually, the coping mechanisms that had contributed to my professional success began to jeopardise my personal relationships. It was through yoga and psychotherapy that I was able to connect with my inner world in a compassionate way, gain insight into my coping strategies, and develop constructive ways to face triggering situations and begin to heal.

Years later, two complicated, traumatic pregnancies and childbirth experiences as well as going through a severe burnout triggered unhealed childhood trauma and catapulted me on a three year journey of deep self-reflection, healing, and ultimately, to a complete personal and professional turnaround.


Changing direction in my life has led me to specialise in body-based healing therapies, aimed at empowering people to bridge the gaps in their lives and build a framework for healthy connections and boundaries.

In deepening my study of body-based healing, I have witnessed, time and time again, the humbling power of accessing our bodies to heal. Deep in our bodies lie an innate pool of strength to heal from the big and small wounds encountered in our lives.

I hope that by sharing my experiences and lessons learned during my healing journey, I can inspire and support others on their own journeys. I have experienced first-hand the power of attuning to my body and what a change it can make in the world - just by practicing and working on myself.

As I continue to integrate various fields of study in this work, I want to honor the wisdom of the ancestors and teachers who came before me, as well as those who walk with me on my path. The wisdom that we are all relational beings, with a fundamental need for belonging, meaning, agency, and connection. It is the yearning to be seen, heard, and understood that lies at the heart of who we are as humans.

Acknowledging that the body is the part of us that stays most faithful to living –it’s the mind that goes in and out of flux. The body, with every ounce of energy that it has, whether it’s suffering from dis-ease, or whatever it’s got going on, will move towards living!

With this wisdom, SETUKA is rooted upon a commitment to facilitate a safe and nurturing space for anyone keen to explore their journey of healing and embracing life to its fullest.

My professional training includes

  • 850 hours in Yoga Therapist certification (C-IAYT850)

  • 35 hours in Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

  • 500 hours in Systemic Constellations Therapist certification (COFASY)

  • 200 hours in Yoga and Meditation Teacher (RYT200)

  • 100 hours in Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT100)

  • 25 hours in Sound Bowl Practitioner certification

  • Ongoing Continuing Education and Supervision

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