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My professional training includes:

  • 850 hours in Yoga Therapist certification (C-IAYT850)

  • 35 hours in Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

  • 500 hours in Systemic Constellations Therapist certification (COFASY)

  • 200 hours in Yoga and Meditation Teacher (RYT200)

  • 100 hours in Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT100)

  • 25 hours in Sound Bowl Practitioner certification

  • Ongoing Continuing Education and Supervision


"Heidi has helped me to look at certain things differently and from a different perspective. It brought me a good positive shift in my life. Systemic Constellations Therapy heals you and makes certain emotions lighter. You get more understanding about certain patterns within your family. I have recommended it to friends. It is something you have to experience."

Nancy, Bioresonance therapist / Nutritionist, Nigeria

"I participated to a highly insightful one-day workshop on 'Cultivating Mental Fitness during Transition' expertly facilitated by Heidi Kempeneer which offered crucial strategies for managing stress, building resilience, and maintaining mental fitness amidst life's transitions - a valuable lesson for both personal and professional spheres. My sincere thanks to Heidi for her inspiring, soothing, and engaging guidance. I feel privileged for this learning opportunity and look forward to leveraging these insights to navigate transitions with confidence!"

Stephane, Project Manager, Switzerland

"Fantastic workshop with Heidi Kempeneer! 🤩 Mental fitness and stress management techniques during periods of transition. Don't miss it if you have the opportunity to participate!!"

Coralie, Sr Production Technician, Switzerland

"This was such an amazing workshop Heidi ! I learnt so much about myself, about others, and about the power of mental fitness throughout the many roles we hold in our lives 💫 - with this workshop you walk away with a bagful of super useful practical tools 🧰! 🫶🏽"

Janett, Digital Marketing Leader, Switzerland

"Yoga Therapy with Heidi was always a lovely experience and happened to be exactly what I needed in that moment. Whatever issues I wanted to work on, Heidi knew exactly what to do. I left the sessions feeling lighter, more at peace and refreshed."

Christina, 36, Communications Manager, Belgium

"Following the death of a loved one, I had the chance to benefit from individual sessions with Heidi. This experience has given me support and energy to continue to face this complicated moment."

Rose-Marie, 67, Retiree, Switzerland

"It is difficult to express in words the positive outcomes this practice can bring to your life because they are so integrative and widespread. When I started my treatment with Heidi I thought my concern was a hernia in the lumbar, not seeing or better yet not reading all the signals that my body was giving that the hernia was a reflection of something much more deep, a disconnect from myself and my body. Through this practice Heidi taught me how to listen and read my body, get in touch with my long lost intuition and ultimately reconnect with myself in a caring and compassionate manner."

Sabrina, 33, UN Official, Switzerland

"The approach of personalised practices is definitely the way to go, it is very nice to feel listened to and to have someone who pays attention to our personal problems, at the level of body and mind.
I also think that the fact that you are listening, and caring for the "client" is great and very important: the session is very pleasant. Everything was really good and I think it can help a lot of people! But you also seem to know yourself well in well-being in terms of food, sleep etc. And your advice on these topics is valuable and very interesting, why not give more?
Thanks for everything."

Louis, 16, Student, France

"My yoga therapist Heidi demonstrated lots of care and professionalism. The set of sessions were well planned, at the same time she adapted to changes according to my ongoing needs and condition. I was feeling physically better during the therapy and I would gladly continue in the future."

Maggie, 35, UN Official, Switzerland

"Heidi has helped me in so many levels! She is a great listener and yoga teacher. She supported me holistically by meeting my emotional, physical and mental needs through yoga. It was a unique, helpful and wonderful experience! I would recommend Heidi to anyone who wishes to develop physically, emotionally and mentally! She is a great teacher, mentor and a lovely caring person!"

Mirella, 41, Teacher, Greece

"Heidi is a wonderful yoga therapist. Sessions with her helped me feel, understand and listen to my body with gentle awareness. I felt more flexible with my spirits lifted after our sessions. Anyone looking to feel more centred and balanced should definitely look into Heidi’s approach to Yoga Therapy."

Gabriella, 40, CranioSacral Therapy Student, Nigeria

"I was finally able to find peace with myself after the loss of a child - and this after more than 30 years."
Gabrielle, 63, Teacher, Switzerland

"Superb approach of Heidi, she takes the time to understand our needs, to analyse our problems, she is patient, very good empathy and tolerance, she knew how to find the exercises adapted to my body and my mind according to my experience of the day or the week. She gave me little tricks to activate my breathing, to discover some facets of myself that I did not know yet. I recommend Heidi in full confidence, for anyone who is looking to find love and and kindness towards themself, through the movement and harmony brought during the sessions with this brilliant woman. Thank you Heidi!"

Allioucha, 48, Energy Therapist, Switzerland

"Yoga Therapy is done according to the needs of each person and at their pace. Heidi was very aware of my needs. Really very good therapy, I recommend it 100%."

Livia, 60, Switzerland

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